Transparency in Fundraising

***Table Quiz***
I’m hosting a fun table quiz in DunLaoghaire (contact me for location) next Friday 11th April. 8pm tables of 4 or come alone & we’ll make teams.
It’s hard to compete on a financial footing with the purchasing power of large parties, if you can help out, please come along for a guaranteed great night with excellent company.

One of the promises I make is to be fully transparent in all of my dealings as a candidate and a County Councillor. Many Councillors now publish their  income online, highlighting what salary they receive and what allowances they get.

I question the ones who do not show this level of financial transparency. I am bringing this level of transparency to another level, Fundraising. How much money am I receiving in my campaign and where is it coming from.

Different to wealthy independents and party members, I need to fund-raise more, to achieve the same output. Party machines have the ability to bulk buy, this reduces the cost of the leaflets, posters and other bits and pieces. Wealthy Independents, well, their wealthy so are not as reliant on external funding for their campaign.

I need your support to bring my level of integrity and action to local politics. If you would like to support my campaign, there are several ways in which you can help. All of them involve a Donation – time, expertise, advice, your vote and lastly, money. To volunteer with the campaign, just get in touch with me and to make a financial donation please visit 


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