Strategic Policy Committee (SPC)

Each Councillor must be a member of at least one SPC. Within an SPC you will become a member of one or more working groups / sub committees as the need arises.

An SPC is is designed to give Councillors and sectoral interests the opportunity to help shape policy within the council and to provide a closer role in the oversight of actions relevant to that SPC. An SPC meets roughly 4 times per year and the sub groups more often as required.

I am a member of the SPC that deals with Arts, Culture, Gaeilge, Heritage and Libraries. I am also a member of the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) but that’s not an SPC but is similar, I’ll cover that again in the future.

Tonight’s SPC was really an introduction to the work of various groups within the arts, culture, libraries… We had presentations from the directors of the Civic Theatre, Rua Red and the County Librarian to highlight the enormous range of work that is done in those areas, often straddling several of the SPC elements at the same time. Did you know SDCC are developing a Children’s and Early Education Arts Policy? It will be presented to Council soon. Have you ever heard of Noise Dublin the County Youth Arts Programme? What about IN CONTEXT 4 which is the County Public Art Programme? Or do you know about MUSIC GENERATION which is Ireland’s national youth music education programme.
If you’re like me and you had seen the names somewhere but didn’t know what they were, then you’ll understand why part of what I want to achieve on this SPC is the increase the general public’s knowledge about the opportunities that exist within this County.

The management are now tasked with drafting up a work plan for the SPC over the coming 5 years. The plan comes back for debate and change. One of the points I raised is the need to have as much a focus on Heritage, built and natural, as any other element of the SPC work. I’ll keep you updated as things start to take shape.

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