Rebuild the Silver Bridge

I am happy to read reports that Fingal County Council are due to commence works wothin weeks on the Silver Bridge that connects Palmerstown & South Dublin County to Strawberry Beds and Fingal County Council.

In 2017, under the energy of Paul Corcoran, the Silver Bridge was submitted as an idea for the 300K Have Your Say initiative in South Dublin County Council. The first time in Ireland that a portion of budget was allocated to projects suggested by and voted on by residents. From the outset, I have supported the calls to restore the Bridge and in conjunction with the successful Playground for Waterstown Park campaign we saw both initiatives receiving highest number if votes and so included to the participatory budgeting scheme.

As well as thanking Paul Corcoran for all of his efforts to date, I also remember Hugh O’Connor, Mill Lane resident who campaigned his whole adult life to preserve the rich heritage around us in Palmerstown and beyond.

In budget discussions since I was elected, I have always promoted and lobbied for the restoration and enhancement of the Silver Bridge & Waterstown House. If you haven’t been to the park in a while, make it your business, great progress made and lots more to come. Below is an article from The Irish Times on the restoration of The Silver Bridge

Cll Alan Hayes

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