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  1. Hi Alan
    Im not in the constituency although my daughter spent happy yrs in a creche in Palmerston. I think playgrounds should be places where different generations can gather and connect. Id recommend lots of seating, trees, lavender and rosemary to appeal to the senses, some music toys like a giant windchimes and drums. Obviously the old reliables like swings for one or more, cant beat a good slide, sand pit, etc. Natural materials as much as possible and locally sourced though i know from my husband that they had to source in UK. Enclosed parts for young kids and open areas with more challenging stuff like monkey bars, assault course, etc. For older kids. Okay it sounds like an idea for a park! Toilets wd be fantastic as we all need to go! A warden or community stewards to monitor playground – local vols or employment. Seats and a dry shelter so rain doesnt mean u have to go home! In Spain they have a coffee kiosk on site and this wd be a bonus but a really welcome one. Oh giant chess, x and os, etc. Alan best of luck w project. Marie Therese

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