Playground For Palmerstown

In 2017 South Dublin County Council piloted a Participative Budgeting scheme in the Lucan/Palmerstown electoral area. Participative Budgeting is an innovative concept that give residents and local tax payers an opportunity to directly influence how a sum of money from the County budget will be spent.

Palmerstown was chosen from a hat (literally) and 160 ideas were submitted for consideration. Of those, 17 were shortlisted and put out for public vote. Playground for Palmerstown was the project that received the highest number of votes. It is about 40 years since there was any form of a playground in Palmerstown and this is the first time there has been a Council funded Playground. I pushed hard for this project, because as I’ve always said to people, this is the community where I choose to raise my family and the right to play is something worth working hard for.

As the father of young children myself, I know that this Playground will get plenty of use and act as an excellent hub for the adults of the community to connect with each other as our children play and interact.

It’s OUR playground, let’s protect it, look after it and enjoy it.
Alan Hayes

View from the carpark
The small children’s enclosed play area
Slip sliding away from the carpark
Zip Line

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