How am I a Community candidate?


 I have never been a member of a political party. I have always been a member of a community”

Being involved in politics is different to being involved in party politics. Life is political, many of the decisions we make everyday are political and many of the thoughts we have about what is wrong in our communities and how to change things, are political. When we give somebody a piece of our mind, about any matter affecting society, we are influencing them and their way of thinking, that is political.

When a person, who is a member of a political party is elected, they are subject to party rules, policies & expectations, also known as the party whip. If your party are voting a certain way, you are expected to vote with them and refusal to do this can result in you losing certain privileges of your fellow party members.

Independent candidates, or officially known as “Non-Party”, are not subject to the whip of a party. However, as I see it, if the community elects me to represent them, it is them I answer to, it is them who should express their wish for how I should vote, it is them who should determine how I am performing.

 With the belief that the community is ultimately my party, I justify calling myself a community candidate. It does not mean I am endorsed by any community group, I do not claim to represent any community group as part of my campaign, but should I be elected, it is the community and them alone who will decide what my agenda will be.

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