Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I report a problem?
Most Council related issues can be reported directly by using the website
If there is something you have already logged and it hasn’t been addressed yet, send me a message.

Who are my local Councillors?
If you live in South Dublin County Council area, you can view your local Councillor and contact details here
You can also view these details for anywhere in the country by clicking here

What does the Council do?
City and County Councils are responsible for quite a lot in your community. Their responsibilities include

  • Housing
  • Roads
  • Recreation and amenities
  • Planning
  • Libraries
  • Environmental protection
  • Fire services
  • Register of electors

Every Council is made up of The Executive and The Members. The Executive are the management and staff of the Council and the members are the elected representatives, Councillors. There are some roles that each is responsible for and the other cannot do, the separation of these powers is covered under the Local Government Act. You can read more about it here
If you have other questions, just drop me a message.

How can I get involved?

Being politically involved means different things to everyone. It includes voting in elections, joining campaigns, sharing opinions, canvassing with a candidate or elected politician, joining a political party or supporting an Independent.
If you’d like to get some experience knocking doors and talking to people about what matters to them, contact your local representative, I’d love to have a chat with you.