Exam Time – Be defined by your effort… not results.

If you are starting your Leaving Certificate or Junior Certificate exams tomorrow, the very best of luck to you.

Without a doubt there are many students (as well as parents, siblings, friends etc) who are feeling some stress ahead of the exams tomorrow. This is your time to relax, not get up tight. This is your time to ease into it and let the brain recall what it knows… being stressed and focussing on what you don’t know will only limit your potential.

You are more than this set of exams. A friend of mine posted earlier today

“Yes you should give it everything! But don’t be fooled into thinking that these exams ARE everything! They are not. “Everything” is so much more than that…”

I’m not belittling the exams, getting the results you need for a certain college course is important, but if you don’t get it, it’s only a bump in the road and you will have other chances to get it again, or you might decide to change direction.

I left school in 1996, the year many of you taking this years leaving cert were born. I found my results last week and they were less than impressive. It was 11 years later before I would start my Degree. I learned more about myself and my interests in those 11 years than I did throughout my entire school life.

Give these exams everything you’ve got, but to give everything, you need to be relaxed, some will go your way and others might not. What you want for yourself in the future can be obtained in a world far beyond a single set of exams.

Let your effort define you, not the results.

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