BusConnects Changes to Palmerstown

The National Transport Authority (NTA) have lodged a planning application with An Bord Pleanála relating to the Lucan to City Centre Bus Corridor.

The full details of the plan can be viewed here www.lucanscheme.ie

I have tried to capture the main changes affecting Palmerstown in the above presentation.
Please note that there will be a left entry into the Oval area but it will be from the second lane and motorists will move across the bus lane. The drawings of the proposed plan are available here 03.-General-Arrangement.pdf (lucanscheme.ie)

In the coming week, an information leaflet will be delivered to each home in Palmerstown. We are looking for volunteers to deliver the leaflet to their neighbours. If someone from each road volunteers, it will make it a very easy task to complete. If you can be that person for your road, please send me a message with your name and location to 087 963 7744

2 thoughts on “BusConnects Changes to Palmerstown”

  1. Hi Alan
    Unfortunately I couldn’t make the meeting on Monday. I agree with all of the points you make in the above document. I’d be particularly concerned about increased traffic and delays on Kennelsfort. Even more concerning is the routing of buses through the village. I am not aware of any demand from residents for this service. The historic village will be detrimentally impacted by this proposal. I cannot understand the rationale for same. Could you also kindly confirm if it will be possible to both enter and exit at the Oval please ? My understanding is that it will be, but the plans are a bit unclear. Thank you for you work on this issue. Kind regards

    1. It will be possible to enter and exit at the Oval. However, the westbound road will have 4 lanes. Two lanes as currently exists and a bus lane either side. The bus lane on the northern side is for turning in to the village at Shaws and the bus lane on the south (Oval side) is straight on to lucan etc.

      When turning left in to the Oval you will have to do so from one of the two main traffic lanes as the bus lane has no filter left for cars.

      It is somewhat confusing and I think unsafe. All of these issues stem from wanting to run a busnin and out at Shaws. It is unnecessary. Leave that out of the plans and there is far less disruption.

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