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1 thought on “Bus Connects Palmerstown”

    RE: Bus Connect proposal
    8th Jan 2022

    I wish to raise some serious concerns regarding the proposal to remove the green area on the southside of the main road.

    1. In relation to the green area on the main road at the southside between the Oval and Kennelsfort Road, this green area is the only, very modest buffer between the dwellings and the main road.
    2. This is the only very modest measure in place to ameliorate the extremely high level of noise that impacts on the dwellings there.
    3. Please note that the commitment by the authorities in 1990 or thereabouts to provide a sound wall there was never delivered. The ‘compensation’ provided was the current green area. And now this is under threat.
    4. I wish to highlight this as a very serious health and safety threat. Please reference the current commentary in the Dublin North area where there is a high level of threat to health and safety due to noise levels.
    5. Already on this main road, the levels of noise and light are dangerous and intolerable. So far, there has been no provision to reduce this impact.
    6. Regarding the main road in general, is there any other village in Ireland that does not have any traffic calming measures in place where a road goes right through the middle? The speed and the noise levels going through the village of Palmerstown are intolerable.

    Finally I wish to highlight please, that the main road through Palmerstown is not a “bypass”. The road cuts through the heart ands sunders the village of Palmerstown.

    Sean Treanor
    Palmerstown Avenue

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