Apathy, Why bother?

They’re all the same… I’m not bothered voting… Nothing ever changes… What’s the point…

A vote in an election only takes a minute, but lasts for years

Apathy is a lack of interest, motivation, feeling or concern. I don’t believe that people are truly apathetic about their community and their country. I believe they care about how and what decisions made for them will affect them. It shows they care when you read the forums and hear their anger and frustration at the way things are done.

In the 2009 & 2014 local elections, Lucan & Palmerstown only had a 50% turnout (less in 2014). That’s half of those who could vote, did vote. 2011 general election had a 66% turnout.

Why Bother
– If we don’t vote in this election, there will still be 4 TDs elected
– Those 4 TDs will make decisions on our behalf
– Shouting from the sidelines doesn’t change anything
– Anger is an energy, but energy is only useful if it’s used correctly
– If we don’t vote, there are people who will, people who always do, the same people who vote the same people and parties into power election after election

The choice is ours
If there is nobody in this election whom you believe in or whom you trust, then why didn’t you go forward? It’s too late for that in this election and you’re left with the names of the 13 people who did put themselves forward as options for the people of Lucan, Palmerstown and wider Dublin Mid West.
I’m pretty sure that there is at least one candidate in the race that you could align yourself to.

Either way, bother voting or don’t bother voting, 4 TDs will be elected and they will make decisions that affect you over the coming 5 years and beyond. So do you homework and research what each candidate stands for. Get out and vote, encourage your family and friends to do the same. If you want to see how your opinions align with the candidates, visit SmartVote.ie

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