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On Friday 23rd May, eligible voters will be invited to choose whom they want to represent them at local government level for the next 5 years. In the Lucan/Palmerstown electoral area, there are 33,132 people who will receive polling cards. In 2009, the last local election, a total of 15,425 valid votes were cast. That’s only a fraction over every 1 in every 2 people who could vote, did vote.

How do people choose who to vote for? I can only speak from my own perspective and some of the elements I think of include: Party or Non-Party loyalty – Personal friendship – Neighbours – Got a job done for me – Smiliest face – Gender – Ethnicity – Place on the polling card – Word of mouth.
From the beginning of my campaign, I have been very clear that I am not interested in negative campaigning, I am not interested in focusing on what others have or have not done, rather, what I can and will do if elected. I know there is anger and frustration in our community, I know that we often hear people say “ah sure their all the same” and I know that there are alternative ways to do things, we just have to try them.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got

On May 23rd, if we get a 50% turnout to vote, each candidate will need around 1,800 votes to be elected. These can come from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and any other numbers you write beside a candidates name. The first 8 candidates to reach this magic number will be the ones elected. That is why your order of preference is important, the more number 1 votes a person receives, the closer they are to the finish line, the more No.2 votes they receive, the closer again…
If there is somebody you don’t want elected, for whatever reason, the only power you have is to not give them a vote, this means not giving them a number. You don’t have to vote for every name on the page, only the people you want elected, though there is nothing stopping you giving each person a preference and in this case, there will be 20 names on the page. That’s 20 votes.

Of all the candidates in the Lucan & Palmerstown area, I have maintained the strongest online presence with regular updates and writing. I manage my own campaign, my own social media, I continue to be involved in all the community activities I have been involved in for years.
Electing people to represent your views and best interests at county level involves trust. If you don’t trust the names on the posters, do something about it. Contact them and ask them questions, ask them to meet you, ask for their ideas and visions for the area.

Base your vote on trust. Our instincts are rarely wrong. A vote for Hayes is a vote for Integrity, Community and Action.

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