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Apathy, Why bother?


They’re all the same… I’m not bothered voting… Nothing ever changes… What’s the point… A vote in an election only takes a minute, but lasts for years Apathy is a lack of interest, motivation, feeling or concern. I don’t believe that people are truly apathetic about their community and their country. I believe they care about how and …

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A new year dawns


2014 was an eventful year in Ireland. Political and social scandals coupled with unpopular decisions, lack of consultation, local and European elections, 2 Dail by-elections and much more. I started the year with one goal in mind, to stand in the local elections for Lucan and Palmerstown. My life was consumed with the election from …

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Plebiscite in PalmerstoWn

Notice of Draft Register for Plebiscte

A Plebiscite will take place (possibly November) to decide the official name of Palmerstown Village. For those who haven’t noticed or have, and are not aware of the history of this debate, see the comment from local historian, Hugh O’Connor, below. I trust Hugh’s word in relation to all things historical here in Palmerstown over …

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Irish Water – More clouds than the Irish sky


Last week at the final meeting of the current County Council, an emergency motion was tabled regarding the unknown cost of and quality of water to Lucan residents. Councillors were told by management that the switch from soft to hard water was only temporary. I have received a number of complaints about the quality of …

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Notice of Poll

This is the official Notice of Poll issued by the returning officer in South Dublin County Council. Displaying names as they will appear on the ballot paper on Friday 23rd May. Local Elections 2014 – Notice of Poll Lucan

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Trust is Top

Trust Stones

TRUST is TOP On Friday 23rd May, eligible voters will be invited to choose whom they want to represent them at local government level for the next 5 years. In the Lucan/Palmerstown electoral area, there are 33,132 people who will receive polling cards. In 2009, the last local election, a total of 15,425 valid votes …

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Collaborative Action for Community Benefit


If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got Since the foundation of the Irish State, political parties have dominated the options we have when we vote in elections. Regardless of political affiliations and ideologies, I believe it is vital that elected councillors are willing and …

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